Model Questions(MCQs) on LTC (Qn 21 -30)


21) A Government servant may travel by air while availing LTC if—

 (a) he is entitled to travel by air

(b) he does not get train tickets

(c) it is convenient for him to travel by air

(d) the air fare is cheaper than the train fare

Ans: a) Rule-12

22) Choose which of the following categories of children are eligible for availing LTC?

(a) Two surviving unmarried children

(b) Two unmarried children taken as wards by the Government servant

(c) Two step-children wholly dependent on the Government servant

(d) All the above

Ans: d) Rule-4(d)

23) How is the entitled class by train decided in respect of LTC journeys?

(a) Entitlement is based on the Pay Level in Pay Matrix by the Government servant

(b) Entitlement is based on the post held at the time of journey

(c) Entitlement is based on the place of headquarters of the Government servant

(d) Entitlement is based on the number of years of service put in by the Government servant

Ans: a) Rule-12

24) Which of the following rules of LTC discusses the genuineness of the claim?

(a) Rule 16 (b) Rule 17

(c) Rule 18 (d) Rule 19

Ans: d) Rule-19

25) Which of the following rules of LTC determines whether claim will be allowed or forfeited?

(a) Rule 13 (b) Rule 14

(c) Rule 15 (d) Rule 16

Ans: b) Rule-14

26)  The account in adjustment of LTC advance should be rendered within—

(a) one month (b) 15 days

(c) two months (d) one week

Ans: a) Rule-14

27) LTC reimbursement for a Government servant residing away from his headquarters will be from—

(a) Residence to headquarters

(b) Duty station to home town / place visited

(c) Headquarters to home town

(d) All the above

Ans: b) Rule-13

 28) Relaxation for travel by Air on LTC is available for the following places.

(a) North-Eastern region (b) Jammu and Kashmir

(c) Andaman and Nicobar (d) All the above

Ans: d) Rule-12

29) LTC journeys can be combined with—

(a) Tour (b) Transfer

(c) Child Care Leave (d) All the above

Ans: d) Rule-7

30)  Advance for LTC, if not performed should be refunded in—

 (a) Four instalments

(b) Five instalments

(c) Ten instalments

(d) Full

Ans: d) Rule-15

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