Model Questions(MCQs) on LTC (Qn 1-10)


1) What is the minimum service required to avail the LTC facilities?

(a) Completion of one year’s continuous service

(b) Completion of two year’s continuous service

(c) Completion of three year’s continuous service

(d) Completion of five year’s continuous service

Ans: a) Rule-2.

2) Dependency is not applicable to—

(a) Son (b) Daughter (c) Parents (d) Spouse                

Ans: d) Rule-4

3) How many times can Home Town be changed during the entire service?

(a) Thrice (b) Once (c) Twice (d) Four times

Ans: b) Rule-5

4) Which of the following statements are not correct in the case of admissibility of LTC ?

(a) Admissible during Casual Leave

(b) Admissible during Special Casual Leave

(c) Admissible during Maternity Leave

(d) Admissible during closed holiday without any leave

Ans: d) Rule-7

5)  What is the entitlement of LTC to officials under suspension?

(a) Entitled for self and family

(b) Not entitled

(c) Entitled for family only

(d) Entitled for self only

Ans: c) Rule-7

6). Is there any distance limit from headquarter to Home Town / Place of visit on LTC?

(a) Within 1000 kms.

(b) Within 5000 kms.

(c) Within 3000 kms.

(d) No limit

Ans: d) Rule-8

7) What is the maximum number of days that can be encashed at the time of availing LTC?

(a) 10 days (b) 15 days (c) 30 days (d) 60 days

Ans: a) Rule-15

8) How many days can be encashed on LTC during the entire career?

 (a) 90 days (b) 60 days (c) 120 days (d) 300 days

Ans: b) Rule-15

9) What is the minimum balance of EL to be available at the credit of an employee, after deducting the period of encashment as well as leave while availing LTC?

a)30 days (b) 60 days (c) 90 days (d) 120 days

Ans: a) Rule-15

10)  Which of the following is not included for encashment of EL on LTC?

(a) Pay admissible on the date of availing of LTC

(b) Grade Pay

(c) Dearness Allowance admissible on that date

(d) House Rent Allowance

Ans: d) Rule-38-A

(Qn 11 to 20 will be posted soon……..)

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