Model Questions(MCQs) on LTC (Qn 11 -20)


11) Can an official, on the charge of preferring a fraudulent claim of LTC, be allowed to avail LTC?

 (a) Cannot avail LTC till finalization of disciplinary proceedings

(b) Can be availed, subject to conditions of the Sanctioning Authority

(c) At the discretionary powers of Competent Authority

(d) None of the above

Ans: a) Rule-16

12) Whether Government employees whose Headquarters / Place of Posting and Home Town are same are eligible for Home Town LTC?

(a) Not eligible (b) Eligible

(c) Eligible for family only (d) Eligible for self only

Ans: a) Rule-7

13) Through whom can the Government servants book air tickets other than the concerned airline booking counters?

(a) M/s. Balmer Lawrie and Co.

(b) M/s. Ashok Tours and Travels


(d) All the above

Ans: d) Rule-12

14) Which of the following Rule says about grant of LTC advance—

 (a) Rule 13 (b) Rule 14 (c) Rule 15 (d) Rule 16

Ans: c) Rule-15

15)  What is the age-limit for admissibility of LTC to unmarried dependent daughter?

 (a) Up to 35 years (b) No age-limit

(c) Up to 25 years (d) Up to 18 years

Ans: b) Rule-4(d)

16) Is the LTC admissible on a closed holiday in combination of leave?

 (a) Admissible if journey is performed on closed holidays after availing leave

(b) Not admissible

(c) With the special sanction from the Competent Authority

(d) Admissible only if journey is performed on leave availed

Ans: a) Rule-7

17) Encashment of earned leave with a balance of 34 days EL on account of availing LTC for the first time is limited to—

 (a) 15 days (b) 10 days

(c) 4 days (d) 12 days

Ans: c) Rule-15

18) LTC cannot be availed during—

 (a) Maternity Leave

(b) Study Leave

(c) During weekend holidays without availing any leave

(d) Earned Leave

Ans: c) Rule-7

19) Home town declaration of the official is kept in—

(a) PF record of official (b) Service book of official

(c) Pension Payment Order (d) None of the above

Ans: b) Rule-5

20)  All Government servants can travel—

(a) according to their entitlement based on their Pay Level in Pay Matrix

(b) below their entitled class of travel

(c) by air between places not connected by rail and when no alternative means of travel is available

(d) all the above

Ans: d) Rule-12


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