Model Questions(MCQs) on PMJJBY


MCQs on PMJJBY(Pradhan Jeevan Jyothi Bima Yojana)

1) PMJJBY full form……  
  a) Pradhaan Mantri Jan Jeevan Bima Yojana  
b) Pradhaan Mantri Jeevan Jagruthi Bima Yojana  
c) Pradhaan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi Bima Yojana  
d) None of the above C
2) PMJJBY is a _____  
  a) Life Insurance Scheme b) Accidental insurance scheme  
c) Pension guarantee scheme d) All of these A
3) PMJJBY launched on_________  
  a) 01-Jun-15 b) 15-Aug-15  
  c) 26-Jan-15 d) 09-May-15 D
4) What is the minimum & maximum age at which a person can enroll in PMJJBY?  
  a) 18-50 b) 18-40  
c) 18-70 d) 18-60 A
5) What is the premium per annum that is to be paid under PMJJBY?  
  a) Rs 330 b) Rs 15  
  c) Rs 42 d) Rs 12 A
6) PMJJBY covers__________  
  a) 1 year accidental death cover b)  Death due to minor illness  
c) Death due to any cause d) None of these C
7) What is the termination period of PMJJBY?  
  a) When a person attains 70 years of age      
b) When a person attains 80 years of age      
c) When a person attains 50 years of age     D
d) None of these      
8) A person having which type of account can opt for PMJJBY?  
  a) Fixed deposit account b) Saving account  
c) Current account d) Any one of the these B
8) What is the death benefit under PMJJBY?  
  a) Rs 100000 b) Rs 200000  
c) Rs 300000 d) Rs 500000 B
9) Which of the following are true about PMJJBY?  
  a) Rs 2 Lakhs benefit for /disability for both the organs (either both hands/legs or eye)?  
b) Rs 1 lakhs for loss/disability of one organ (either one hands/legs or eye)  
c) Both A & B      
d) None of these     D
10) Under which of the following condition(s) the PMJJBY policy may be terminated?  
  a) On attaining age 55 years      
b) Closure of saving account      
c) Insufficient fund in saving account      
d) All the above     D
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