New Pension Scheme(NPS) App


NPS[New Pension Scheme]  – Download

  • The new APP gives your details of Subscribers account online. The Subscriber can access latest account details as is available on the CRA web site using user ID (PRAN) and password. The APP access your account details online and provides you with user friendly interface to browse through your account information. It also enables you to maintain your latest contact details and password.

    The APP gives better user experience and provides additional functionality such as

    1. View current holdings

    2. Request for Transaction Statement for the year on your email ID.

    3. Submit Contribution for Tier I / Tier II

    4. Change Scheme Preference

    5. Initiate withdrawal from Tier II account

    6. View your Account details.

    7. Download e-PRAN

    8. Inquiry/ raise Grievance

    9. View Last 5 contribution transactions carried out

    10. Change contact details like Telephone, Mobile no. and email ID.

    11. Change your Password / Secret Question

    12. Regenerate password using secret Question/ OTP

    13. Get notifications related to NPS.


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