Regarding disposal of discontinued POSB cheque books (Non-CTS) are lying pending in Post Offices.


It has come to the notice of the Directorate that discontinued POSB cheque books (i.e. Non-CTS cheque books) are lying unutilized in post offices. These cheque books are required to be disposed off immediately to avoid future complications.

2. ln the light of above, following process is prescribed for disposal of discontinued POSB cheque books:

i) Post office will check physical stock of discontinued cheque books with stock register and prepare invoice in triplicate and send the cheque books along with 2 copies of invoice to respective HOs and make necessary entry in Stock Register/Finacle.
ii) After receipt of discontinued cheque books from SOs respective Hos will verifu and prepared consolidated invoice in triplicate including HOs discontinued cheque books stock and send the same with 2 copies of invoice to respective PSD.
iii) After receipt of discontinued cheques books (Non-CTS) from all HOs under respective PSD  will verily and prepare a consolidated list and take further necessary action for destruction of discontinued cheque books as prescribed in the rules for accountable articles.

3. This process is to be completed by all Circles by 30.09.2020 and report compliance
4. Instructions may be circulated to all concerned for information and guidance and necessary action.
This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

(Devendra Sharma)
Assistant Director (SB)


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