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Quiz prepared by DOP INDIA

GK(Current Affairs)(10 Qns)
GK(10 Qns)
Leave(10 Qns)


Quiz prepared by Daily/Weekly Quiz for Postal Exam

Quiz-29 (15 Questions)
Quiz-28 (15 Questions)
Quiz-27 (30 Questions)
Quiz-24 (15 Questions)
Quiz-23 (15 Questions)
Quiz-22(GFR) (10 Questions)
Quiz-21 (15 Questions)
Quiz-20(GFR) (15 Questions)
Quiz-19 (25 Questions)
Quiz-18(GFR)(15 Questions)
Quiz-17(20 Questions)
Quiz-16 (15 Questions)
Quiz-15 (5 Questions)
Quiz-14 (15 Questions)
Quiz-13 (19 Questions)
Quiz-12 (7 Questions)
Quiz-11 (20 Questions)
Quiz-10 (20 Questions)
Quiz-9 (20 Questions)
Quiz-8 (50 Questions)
Quiz-7 (20 Questions)
Quiz-6 (20 Questions)
Quiz-5 (20 Questions)
Quiz-4 (20 Questions)
Quiz-3 (20 Questions)
Quiz-2 (45 Questions)
Quiz-1 (40 Questions)
Consumer Protection Act (30 Qns)
PLI/RPLI(10 Qns)
Premium Products(10 Qns)


Quiz prepared by  Postal World

Method of Address and duties of LB Peon (19 Qns)
Franking Machine (24 Qns)
Post Office Manual Vol-5 ( 30Qns)
Payment of Postage/General Rules to posting, Post box & Post bag (33 Qns)
Types of POs/Night POs & Business Hours (20 Qns)




Various quizzes prepared by Telegram groups(Daily/weekly quiz for postal exam & Postal world) consolidated by DOP INDIA. Thanks to all telegram group admins for providing quiz for exam aspirants

Note 1:  All should have installed telegram app in your mobile to attend the quiz.  Click on the topic to start the quiz

Note 2:  All are requested to refer manual/rulings/latest circulars, if you have doubt on any answers. 

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